Fall detector Vayyar Walabot health home ensures the safety of people without constraints


On the occasion of the IFA last month, I met a new product from the Israeli company Vayyar (which means in ancient Hebrew "I see"). Remember, they were already offering a scanner to see the materials behind a wall or to detect if they are hiding plumbing or electricity. The company is developing with the same technology a fall detector called Walabot health home. It is intended for seniors or even for anyone who depends on the supervision of others to be safe. Unlike solutions available on the market, the system developed by Vayyar does not depend on an object to wear on oneself such as a pendant or a watch. The resident is immersed in the monitoring device.

Walabot health home at IFA 2019

The fact of not having to wear a pendant or a watch offers several advantages. Forgetting, whether voluntary or not, is no longer possible. Exit also batteries to change or batteries to recharge. Walabot health home is simply a case that must be placed on the wall and then forgotten. It needs to work from an electrical outlet and connectivity to the health home Wi-Fi. It must be placed in such a way as to face the places most likely to be accidentogenic. He will bring better services if his "vision" is not obstructed by large objects. It will not be installed for example behind a wardrobe or TV.

Once installed by granting him a free field on the room to be monitored, he will have the task of scanning the room like a radar. His role is to detect problems that would occur to the residents of the house in the room where he is installed. The comings and goings in the room are scrutinized. The people present in the room will be under the supervision of this box that will know at all times if they are standing, sitting or lying down. This is how any falls are identified.

The functions of Walabot health home

In the event of a fall, the system automatically contacts one of the numbers that has been configured. The alert given can be life-saving for the person who has fallen. If she is aware, the person who has fallen will be able to see on the screen that the system has detected that she needs help. This will help him not to panic knowing that help is coming soon. The contacts entered in the system will be alerted on their smartphones (SMS and phone call). Through Walabot health home, they will be able to talk to the person who has fallen. This rapid assistance is essential to reassure the one who has fallen as well as the one who must help. If the first contact does not answer, the system will then call the second and the others if necessary.

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The Walabot health home System

Walabot health home can also be used as an emergency call unit. A call can be initiated by the resident by pressing the button provided for this purpose on the screen. He is then put in contact automatically with his first contact. The emergencies independent of the falls can thus also be taken into account by the device.

This system is intended for specialized institutions but also for people wishing to be kept at health home. Since there is nothing to wear, there are no daily constraints. There are also no cameras and pattern recognition systems that can be experienced as a violation of privacy. The embedded technology in Walabot health home also has the great advantage of running all the time, whether it's dark or the system is backlit.

Walabot can monitor all types of parts

The Walabot health home system distinguishes the number of people in the room it knows how to distinguish between a human being and any animal. The dog lying on the ground will not be wrongly identified as his master. When there is no one left at health home, the system is used as a security system. It can detect intruders!

The technology developed by Vayyar allows us to go further. In addition to tracking the position of people in a room, the company also announces being able to monitor events such as their breathing! This feature is not present to date in Walabot health home. Vayyar already plans to imagine other opportunities for its technology in the Smart health home of course but also on the side of health and the automobile. A techno to follow … The video below gives you an idea of ​​how it works.

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Radar technology developed by Vayyar



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