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Finally, there is the connected medicine meeting with e-HealthWorld that joins the Day One Movement and Event.

The organizers have concocted a complete program either in plenary sessions or in workshops, with a focus on medical specialties and of course the traditional start-up competition will be organized with the iconic connected night.

This new vintage 2019 resolutely displays its B2B character.

The two main themes of this 6th edition are the Digital Hospital and Artificial Intelligence.

All topics of digital health will be addressed.

This year several sessions will be particularly dedicated to the blockchain.

To get into the details of the program:

Tuesday, October 15 Innovation City is located at the Villa Massena in Nice, will be treated the importance of the concept of health areas in the morning and telemedicine in the afternoon by emphasizing the different services of e-health at the service of telemedicine with the presence of one of the best French specialists of this theme, the Dr. Pierre Simon who will be accompanied by Sabrina Sacconi, Patrick Mallea, Franck Baudino.

The afternoon will be occupied by a workshop on the importance of artificial intelligence in health animated by Arnon Afek from Sheba Medical Center (Ramat Gan IL) and Jean-Marc Berader oncologist surgeon responsible for the digital health project at the University Hospital of Nice.

Alain Livartowski oncologist will tell us how to improve the prognosis in oncology through artificial intelligence.

In the same way Chen Itzhaki and Ofer Talmor we will bring the experience of AlephBot of Haifa on the contribution of digital technologies to improve the effectiveness of treatments.

The 16 October sessions are scheduled in Monaco in collaboration with DAYONE In the morning, during the plenary session, current issues in e-health will be discussed.

The afternoon e-Healthworld will take over the reins for a first plenary session on e-health and artificial intelligence, then two more sessions will be dedicated to the digital hospital, many topics will be discussed during these sessions. How to rethink the hospital, the importance of the presence of incubators in hospitals, the importance of integrating BlockChain technology into the hospital, how digital can humanise the hospital.

A conference will bring us how the digital health experience for women could bring together certain medical issues between Africa and Europe.

At the end of the afternoon a Workshop will teach us the digital hospital of tomorrow.

The sessions of October 17 will also be located in Monaco in collaboration with Coherent Streams.

The session will feature Coherent Streams which offers digital solutions that will shape the new world of medicine, again with the contribution and deployment of artificial intelligence to the hospital.

The world of health will be profoundly changed with the contribution of digital and artificial intelligence new frontiers are to be seen as we will explain David Gruson of the Sciences-Po Paris Health Chair and Jouve Group Health Director.

The very dynamic national council of e-health through its president Myriam Oukkal will present the new digital hospital of the near future.

Still in plenary session this late morning of October 17th will be dedicated to the relations between the hospital and the City after the patient's discharge. Speakers will insist on the patient's place, especially how he will get out of his illness and how he can be accompanied by a genuine Passcare health passport.

This year the congress is focused on its three very busy days.

No doubt that the success will be at the rendezvous given the quality of the speakers!


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