You can make dyslexics the pleasure of words

Some people suffer from dyslexia. This disorder appears in the child when learning to read and basic knowledge. Recognized as a disability by the WHO in 1993, it still remains unknown to the population. We do not understand how it works or how it concretely impacts everyday life.Discover three solutions to help dyslexic children live better.

Read’n Style, the automatic reading pen

It is a perfect accessory for dyslexic people and more generally all those with reading difficulties. Read’n style is a pen connected to automatic reading. Just pass it on text, it decrypts each word and says it aloud in the bluetooth headphones. Very discreet, it does not attract attention and can therefore be used in most situations. It can easily be used in a school context since it does not allow cheating, no risk so that it is flunked at the entrance of the classroom! Indeed, it does not store any information. Rechargeable USB, its battery has an estimated life between 6 and 8 hours. Only problem, for now, the only language recognized by the pen is English. However, the team plans to offer other languages ​​fairly quickly. In the meantime, it can also facilitate the learning of English as a foreign language.

This project was funded by Internet users on Indiegogo. You can buy it for $ 299.

MyEye from Orcam to help read

The Orcam device is initially intended to help the blind and / or visually impaired.  However, it can also be used by people with dyslexia. A small camera that can be integrated into any type of glasses. This is a visual aid device. The wearer simply needs to point fingers at them and the bone conduction technology does the rest. A microphone then takes care of describing the scene. Only 4 hours of charging are required for the battery with approximately 24 hours of battery life.

Designed by an Israeli company, it is Essilor which deals with its distribution in the Hexagon. It will still be 3995 € to buy. An important investment, it must be recognized.

dyslexic smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康阅读障碍

A dyslexic simulator to help dyslexic understand

Dyslexia is one of those diseases, disorders and disabilities that we know, by name. We may have heard it once, have a loved one who is a victim . But knowing what it really does, what may be its impact in everyday life, in actions that seem innocuous, can be complicated. While one can read without pain since CP, how could one imagine, for example, the letters in the disorder? To overcome this barrier, a Swedish developer Victor Widell created a dyslexia simulator.

To try it, it’s easy. Everything happens online. Just go to his site. As an example, you can find the following text: “Delxyisa is craehtzriecad by dtlfificuy wtih lnnireag to read ftenluly”. From the Wikipedia page on dyslexia, the correct writing of this text is “Dyslexia is caracterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently”. The text is in perpetual movement, which should complicate a little more the task. The operation came out of a conversation with a dyslexic friend: “She described to me her experience of reading. She can read, but it requires a lot of concentration because the letters seem to play leapfrog. “

For more information on the smart health objects, click here to discover the new accessories, the fashion and trends.

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