#COUNTING Earn your complete Devolo kit to regulate your heating and save money!


There are many home automation solutions on the market, many of which have already been tested on the blog. This is the case, for example, with the Devolo solution. Although the manufacturer is best known for its LC solutions in computing, it also offers a home automation solution, working with Zwave devices, but also various other smart health connected objects.

This home automation solution allows Devolo to control its lighting, its shutters, its gate, but also its heating, thanks to a thermostat and thermostatic valves.

As winter is fast approaching, I am happy to propose that you win a complete kit to control your heating, in partnership with Devolo!

This pack will be composed:

  • of the Devolo Home Control Box
  • a thermostat
  • two thermostatic heads

The Devolo Box

Your connected home is operational immediately with the Devolo Home Control home automation pack. Including essential components, the Devolo Home Control Starter Kit is the perfect foundation for making your home a smart home in no time.

The connected Devolo thermostat

The Devolo Home Control room thermostat ensures that you have the temperature you feel comfortable in every room. With this remotely controllable thermostatic controller and associated radiator thermostats, all you have to do is adjust the room temperature to your chair or table in the living room. The temperature difference that usually prevails between your preferred location and the radiator is compensated automatically – as long as you also use the Devolo Home Control radiator thermostat.

The Devolo Z-wave thermostatic head

The Devolo Home Control Intelligent Thermostatic Head ensures the temperature you feel comfortable in whenever you need it most: in the morning in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and in the living room when you come home. evening, your home heating takes care of your well-being. With the radio-controlled radiator thermostat and the Devolo Home Control box, you can adjust the room temperature entirely to your wishes, to the minute.

How to participate in the game?

To enter this contest and try to win the Devolo pack to control your heating, just follow the twitter account @cedriclocqueneu and retweet the tweet of the contest:

The contest starts today and will continue until October 31st. The winner will be drawn.

9 Our rating

Devolo, better known for its CPL products, offers here an original and relatively complete home automation solution, which will meet the needs of the general public, with ease of use and a very affordable price …

Last updated price for Amazon: Nov 7, 2019 7:03 pm


  • Open Z-wave protocol
  • Independent from the cloud
  • CPL connection
  • Open to evolutions


  • Limited range of peripherals
  • Limited scenarios


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