Connectivity smart health connected Bracelet ⇒ Which one to choose?


Your daily partner, especially when it comes to physical activities and food and sleep, this is the smart health connected wristband! It can be worn all the time without causing bad things. On the contrary, in terms of health, it is likely that this gadget is necessary in everyday life and improves the way you live. It counts the number of steps, gives information on sleep and diet. But also, information concerning performances, heart rhythms and others can be consulted thanks to this wristband.

For this to be possible, it is important to connect it with a smartphone or computer. To establish the connection between wristband and smartphone or wristband and computer, there are 4 ways to do this. For some wristbands (those with screens), the consultation can be done directly on itself

USB cable

usb wristbandThe first way to establish a connection with the smart health connected wristband is to use a USB cable. This connection is mainly used to connect the wristband to a computer. However, this does not exclude that it can also be used to connect a smartphone and a smart health connected wristband. From the establishment of the connection, data transfer to these devices is possible.

The advantage of using a USB cable compared to other types of connectors is that the connection is never cut. Indeed, with wireless connectivity, this may happen. But with this cable, the problem does not even arise. Of course if the cable is removed from the USB port, the connection will be interrupted. The latter is then a very good alternative in the event of failure of wireless connectivity. The second advantage is that it is not just used to connect. It also allows recharge the wristband (moreover it is the only possible way for this effect).

For some models of smart health connected wristbands, the USB connector is on the gadget itself. It is therefore no longer necessary to have a USB cable.

There is also the famous USB dongle. Having a shape similar to a USB key, this device directly establishes the connection between the computer and the wristband. With this object, instead of using a cable, the connection and synchronization are done remotely.


bluetooth connected wristbandThen there is the Bluetooth connection of a smart health connected wristband. It is a connection that is done wirelessly (thus remotely). With this connectivity, the wristband can be linked to a smartphone or a computer. As for the previous one, after data collection, they can be transferred (to synchronize them) to these devices. It is still essential that the device has Bluetooth mode and that it is activated.

Most smart health connected wristbands (especially the most recent) incorporate a Bluetooth 4.0. The main advantage of this version is that it saves battery power (especially on the smartphone). The only condition to be met for this energy saving is that the smartphone also integrates it (so that it accepts it).


wristband connected wifiThe Wireless is the third possibility to connect a wristband to a device. With this wireless connectivity (as for Bluetooth), the settings can be done remotely. It provides a more reliable connection than with Bluetooth.

The primary advantage of WIFI smart health connected wristband is that even at a fairly large distance, the link is still feasible. As soon as the distance is no longer covered by Bluetooth, Wifi takes over.

It is more efficient than Bluetooth, especially in terms of volume of data to be transferred. Using WiFi, much heavier (voluminous) data is possible to transfer (at a fairly fast speed).

However, compared to Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi spends a lot more energy. The battery drains fairly quickly using this connectivity.

Some models can connect to the internet (viewing news on social networks or emails) via Wifi. Here it plays the role of WiFi network card for the device.

NFC technology

nfc smart wristbandAnother alternative to the three previous connectivities is the technology of NFC smart health connected wristband (or Near Field Communication). It is mainly intended to establish a link between a wristband and a smartphone. The wristband to connect to a computer via this connectivity is still in full design.

As the name suggests, for the wristband and the smartphone to be smart health connected to each other, they must be close enough. The presence of a NFC chip in the wristband and activation of smartphone NFC mode are the necessary conditions. And like all the others, an established connection is synonymous with achievable data transfer.

The advantage of this technique is that the coupling takes place very quickly. In addition to that, no application is required, the pairing is done automatically.

It is very likely that several connections are offered in a single wristband, or that it offers only one. It obviously depends on the model.

It should be noted that it is essential to connect the wristband to a device during its first use. This step is essential to configure the smart health connected wristband and then allow it to be used. You must also download and install an application or software for the device to take into account the wristband. A device here refers to a smartphone or a computer.

Compatibility is something not to be taken lightly. The wristband may not be compatible with the device, resulting in an impossible connection. However, the majority of recent models are compatible with iOS or Android systems, or even on Mac or Windows.


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