Connected smart health objects revolutionize our health

What’s the principle of connected smart health object ?

Any object composed of sensors that send information to a mobile application or a web service.

Get to know each other better, follow and improve your health.

Some connected smart health objects have a purely personal use (to evaluate its form, to progress in a sport, to lose weight …), others integrate in a strategy of global care of the patient (to take well his treatment, to control his tension, his heart rate, measure his blood sugar …).

In any case, connected objects make it possible to know oneself better, to monitor and to improve one’s health.

Thanks to them, we can automatically record our own health data (count the number of steps taken in a day, measure its tension …) and follow them easily without having to enter or analyze them. . Indeed, the ratios, calculations and evolution curves are directly carried out via the tool, no need for calculators!

Screening, alert

Thanks to the monitoring carried out with the connected object (blood pressure monitor, pulsometer, heart rate monitor …), the person is alerted as soon as their data is red (too high tension, too fast pulse, arrhythmia …). This alert can react by contacting his doctor quickly.

During the medical appointment, the recorded data can be communicated to the doctor. The latter thus has valuable information that helps him to diagnose. Indeed, to the data he measures in his office during the consultation, he can add the data of the previous days provided by the connected object.


Associated with coaching services, connected objects make it possible to take better control of one’s health by setting goals, and by gradually following various measures, their achievement.

What are the different health objects connected to better monitor one’s health?

Bracelets: the stars of connected objects

The big trend in connected health is the multiplication of bracelets. Today, with a great deal of autonomy, they are always on the move.
Some provide information on the level of physical activity (number of steps and kilometers traveled, speed and types of trips, calories burned, etc.) and whether or not one meets one’s goals and how to achieve them.
Other bracelets measure your level of exposure to the sun, prevent the risk of sunburn (after adjustment according to your skin type), advise on the sun cream index to apply, indicate the right time to wear a hat, all to better protect against the harmful effects of UV on the skin.
Other bracelets, more classic but equally intelligent, record the heartbeat, or the quality of your sleep, and many other vital parameters.

The connected scale: an acclaimed object

People today have an intelligent scale that tracks their weight and BMI (body mass index). The information is automatically sent to a smartphone or computer. With this type of balance, you can follow your weight curve, set goals to achieve given your ideal weight, and measure progress. Some brands also offer online coaching to help you further.

The connected toothbrush

This French invention transmits many parameters on how you brush your teeth. The sensors that equip this toothbrush include information on the duration of each brushing and the less well-cleaned areas.

In return for improvement advice, necessarily personalized, are disclosed: movements, where to insist, etc.
Connected clothes

Incorporating sensors resistant to the washing machine, some clothes constantly measure the heart rate.

Incorporated into the bodies of infants, other sensors indicate the temperature of the baby, the rhythm of his breathing, whether he has turned in his bed or crying. All this information is transmitted to the parents’ smartphones.

Sleep sensors

They slip under the mattress and record a lot of things: your movements, your habits, your sleep patterns, your heart rate, etc.

Other sensors, inserted in a stylized object to put on the night table record the temperature, brightness, noise. In return, you will get instructions to improve your sleep and to program your wake up in the best conditions with the diffusion of an ambient light of gradually increasing intensity at the most favorable moment of your sleep cycle …


The slimming fork

This fork has been developed to help reduce the speed at which we eat and thus limit caloric intake (set on one bite every 10 seconds). This range was originally created as part of a medical program for people suffering from obesity.
Connected objects always more medical

Connected objects will also revolutionize the world of patients by helping them in their daily lives and in the observance of their treatment.

Some examples :

The smart pillbox

It is simply a medicine box that lights up and sends an alert (sound, SMS …) if you forget to take your treatment.
On the same theme, an American company works on a capsule that swallows is positioned in the stomach, without being digested and detects if the treatment has been taken. Thus, all patients who forget their treatment are warned!
A connected blood pressure monitor for hypertensives

A quarter of the world’s population suffers from hypertension. So when a small object makes it possible to follow constantly its tension, to print reports to transmit to his treating doctor, … how easy!
Diabetic contact lenses

Google is currently working on a contact lens project to measure glucose levels in tears, which would help diabetics better monitor their blood glucose levels. They would make less discomfort.
A connected watch to identify the heart attack before it happens!

The company Apple would be studying a watch that “listens” to the sound emitted by the blood to spot the first signs of a myocardial infarction. The patient would be well taken care of quickly which would greatly increase his chances of survival.
A connected patch for Alzheimer’s patients

SACHA is a French project: the creation of a patch whose sensors make it possible to geolocate patients suffering from dependence (Alzheimer’s, others). The patch emits a warning signal in the event of a fall or accidental runaway and thus allows the person to be rescued as quickly as possible.
A pill to monitor people who have just had surgery

E-Celcius is a French capsule program that swallows, allows to measure and transmit every 30 seconds the body temperature via radio frequency technology. Usefulness: to prevent post-operative infections.

Thanks to connected objects, home hospitalization will also be facilitated.
Thus, many tools are being developed to monitor patients remotely, including sensors that transfer patient health data in real time to physicians.

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