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For nearly 20 years, Anti-Aging has promoted the vast herbal knowledge of ancient China as the source of tomorrow’s cosmetic breakthroughs.

So it was gratifying to see the latest January 2019 issue of National Geographic entitled The Future of Medicine. It devotes 21 pages to how Chinese medicine is being adapted to modern medical needs.

Most of the article focuses on Chinese herbal medicine, which is the subject of extensive research at UCLA, Yale, Duke, and Oxford universities, among others. The Ancient Chinese Pharmacopoeia is an extremely well organized and documented record of over 10,000 mainly herbal substances that have been found to have medicinal value by practitioners for thousands of years.

Researchers are trying to figure out how these herbs work and, if possible, isolate the active components and create new useful drugs. Finding sources of new life-saving drugs is a constant struggle. The process is expensive, costing over $800 million on average to bring a new drug to market at the same time as fewer than 10 major new drugs are in development.

Companies have to work hard to discover new sources of pharmacologically active ingredients, so it makes sense to turn to a ready-made treasure trove of information like traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s often not well understood in the western world, but China has had a major impact on the development of all of its neighbors, including Korea and Japan, for thousands of years. It makes sense given the size of the country, but when the tech industries of South Korea and Japan exploded over the past 50 years, it was an easy fact to forget.

This influence spanned a wide range of areas, including culture and, important to us, medicine and beauty.

In recent years, K-Beauty and J-Beauty have taken the world by storm. Celebrity advocates include Chrissy Teigen, Emma Stone and Lady Gaga. The philosophy of K-Beauty and J-Beauty is relatively simple. They take the best of their traditional herbal anti-aging products, rituals and serene aesthetics and combine this with cutting-edge technology and research.

Having studied the traditional herbal medicine and beauty systems of China, Korea and Japan for many years, the similarities are quite amazing, from the diagnostic system to the herbs themselves. The main difference is the sheer magnitude of knowledge in China. By the 20th century, China was the dominant power in the region and its influence enabled it to collect medicines and ideas from a vast area and carefully store them under its well-developed scholarly system.

The ancient Chinese created detailed natural beauty rituals that were both effective and beneficial to health. The link between beauty and health has never been lost.

However, C-Beauty has yet to reach the popularity of J or K-Beauty, but we are beginning to see glimpses of the system in the West with current huge popularity or roll jade, Guasha treatments etc cosmetic cupping.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As the understanding of the knowledge of this ancient system becomes better known, we will see more and more adaptations of this ancient treasure trove to the standards of the modern world.

Anti-Aging is proud to be a pioneer in this field. All of our skin care products are made with ancient herbal formulas from China. The herbs are then sourced from organic suppliers in Europe and blended in modern, organic-friendly facilities in the UK. We work closely with the Soil Association Organic to ensure all our beauty products meet the highest European standards.

We believe C-Beauty has the potential to transform beauty even more dramatically than even J-Beauty or K-Beauty have done in the last 10 years. We look forward to making the benefits of this legacy system even more widely available to eager users in the west.

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