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How to prevent ,treat your disease and restore your health naturally with Chinese diets & Huangdi Neijing


Chinese Food Therapy Bible

An easy Guide to against various ailments and keep your health naturally under the philosophy of Huangdi Neijing and Chinese medicine


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For maintaining your health, you have done a lot effort.

How much money you have spend for your health?

How much nutritional supplements you have eaten?

How much drugs you have taken from your doctor?

But are they really beneficial for your health? It begins again. It’s always the same. One minute you are feeling just fine, dealing with everyday activities.  Maybe you’re a little bit stressed.  Maybe you aren’t. You’ve never been able to figure out “why”.

As the saying goes, it’s “different strokes for different folks.”  There are actually quite a few different types of health problems.  What you need is the right answers and hopefully a right treatment!

Why not maintain your health with an economical, effective and natural way ?

The best way to treat a disease is prevention and healthy eating is the key to maintaining good health. Many organizations exist in China to teach citizens how to eat healthily.

Instead swallow tablets vitamins A, B or C, why not consider a more pleasant alternative? And yes, fortunately this is possible and what, in the pleasant form of food.

Ancient wisdom at the service of modern diseases, Chinese food therapy dates back thousands of years and is part of traditional Chinese medicine. The first written about this dietary therapy appear in the Huang di Neijing or internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor who only dates the year 300 BC. The Huangdi Neijing is the oldest book of traditional Chinese medicine. We can compare in importance with the Hippocratic Corpus of Ancient Greece or with contributions from Galen to the European medicine. Enough historical references, go to practice.

Chinese Food Therapy’s philosophy is the fact that different types of natural food is beneficial to health, they can help against diseases or act as preventive treatments. For maximum profits, these foods should be eaten in a balanced way.

This balance is achieved primarily through the identification of “opposing foods” and a judicious combination of these. Ancient philosophy of the two opposite energies, the famous Yin and Yang, is one of the precepts of Chinese food therapy. Yang ingredients like carrots, garlic or ginger stimulate metabolism. Yin ingredients meanwhile, such as Chinese cabbage, eggplant or tofu have a cooling effect on the body. The balance between these two categories of foods is the key to a diet beneficial to health.

In fact, the Chinese have conducted numerous studies on the beneficial effects of food on health and most of the results of these studies are considered basic knowledge. For example, eating parsley can help  from chickenpox and certain foods such as watermelon or cucumber help reduce body heat in summer

We’ve all had occasion to read Chinese recipe books, books on health, books on medicine.  But, just how easy is it to find a book that covers all three?  Pretty near to impossible!

There are tons of books about Chinese food, Chinese recipes and nutrition.  There are also hundreds of books on helping against disease and living a healthy lifestyle.  But what most of them lack is the correlation between them.

However, do you have any idea of what to eat if you need to reduce diarrhea, control your blood pressure, encourage good heart function, strengthen your bones or help a cough?  Yeah, that’s what we thought.

What you will learn

There are two parts of Chinese Food Therapy Bible.

In Part I you will discover how to feed as it is practiced by most Chinese and some Western people who are really careful their health. This way is a form of preventive medicine since it allows to know which foods to eat according to the constitution of each and have a healthier body because food is more suitable.

Determine what your dominant constitution to know which diet suits you.

Determine what your constitution is a great help in the field of Chinese diet because it helps to know and choose the food that best suits your body according to your nature.

It will know what is our dominant constitution “hot or cold”.

Once determined constitution must be applied individualization of diet, ie: what is good for one person is not necessarily the another.

It’s a big difference with the modern western diet which advocates a method same for everyone without regard to each individual is different.

In part I you will learn:

.Chinese dietary principles and its Western applications

.What is Jing FOOD and how to apply it for your health

.Why Western Diet is so bad and unhealthy

.How to determine your constitution (hot or cold)

.The list of foods classified by their nature

.What’s the healthy digestion

.Chinese food therapy secrets

In part II We compiled a number of Chinese healthy recipes under our research about Huangdi Neijing and Chinese medicine, in addition to their gastronomic qualities, are deemed to have property or to prevent or alleviate our most common ailments and disease.

These recipes are all easy to achieve in the context of modern life in the West. None of them requires special utensils, and only some of them require specific ingredients – ingredients easily found elsewhere in supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. Sometimes a same recipe can perform different actions: it is then proposed against various ailments and disease.

Or how about this one?  What foods can help your body lower cholesterol, help protect you against some effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and retain your skin’s smoothness?  Unless you are a Chinese medicine experts  there’s a good bet you won’t guess that one either.

But don’t worry.  You can find the answers to those questions  in “Chinese Food Therapy Bible“.

You’ll also know what to eat for these health problems:

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against allergies    

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against anorexia

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against bloating     

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against backache

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against bronchitis    

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against cellulite

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against constipation 

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against dermatoses

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against diarrhea      

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against drowsiness

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against fatigue

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against fever

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against hypertension    

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against heavy legs

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against headaches     

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against insomnia

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against liver disease  

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against palpitations

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against overweight 

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against rheumatic pains

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against stress

Chinese healthy foods and recipes to help against varicose veins

It certainly isn’t going to help your health by a long shot if you continue to do what you did yesterday. You CAN change your intake of “Chinese Food Therapy Bible”. And while you are doing that, you can understand how Chinese food can and what Chinese recipes can best keep your body natural health or restore your health.

No Risk, 100% money Back Guarantee!

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is! You can learn all of this Risk Free!

We want  “Chinese Food Therapy Bible” to be an absolute, no-brainer for you. That’s why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind.

If you don’t believe that “Chinese Food Therapy Bible” has given you a better health, just let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.

It’s really easy to get started. You just need to click the link below and you will have your 24 pages+472 pages “Chinese Food Therapy Bible” two copy in minutes any time day or night. Once you have your own copy of “Chinese Food Therapy Bible” you have no more excuses because you are armed and ready to take on the world!

Grab your total 496 pages of Chinese Food Therapy Bible download copy now and you’ll be glad what you did.  We guarantee it.

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