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  • Is it worth buying Jabra Elite 85h? Review

    [Review] Jabra Elite 85h helmet: the benchmark for the Dane

    Known for its desktop headsets and wireless headphones, Jabra also designs headphones for music. The Danish manufacturer applies here a recipe that has already proven itself many times to one of the most successful smart health connected objects of the moment: the Bluetooth audio headset. Thus, the Elite 85h is a summary of all the […]

  • Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro (M365 Pro Mijia): Review, price and specification

    Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro (M365 Pro Mijia): Review, price and specification

    Xiaomi M365 Pro Mijia review ,Although it is bridled at 25 km / h – to comply with the legislation in force – this scooter is clearly made for the road or wide sidewalks (if the municipality allows it and at a speed limited to 6 km / h). Like the previous model, the Mi […]

  • Luxury smart health watch TAG Heuer connected Modular 45 review

    Review: TAG Heuer smart health connected Modular 45

    The smart health TAG Heuer connected Modular 45 is the second smartwatch from the Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. The look of the current generation can be highly customized, and the watch is also modular. We have tested the smart health connected Modular 45 in the past few days. You can read what we think […]

  • Bluefin Cruise review: The best SUP board 2020

    Bluefin Cruise review: The best SUP board 2020

    In my opinion, the Bluefin Cruise is currently the best SUP board on the market, one of the best-selling boards and also convinced in our SUP board test. The model is so successful that the British manufacturer Bluefin is now offering it in four different sizes (Bluefin Cruise Junior, Bluefin Cruise 10’8, Bluefin Cruise 12 […]

  • Bluefin fitness 3d – one of the best on the market!

    Bluefin fitness 3d – one of the best on the market!

    The Bluefin fitness 3D vibrating platform is the model that is causing a stir right now. The product is indeed a victim of its success in the world of fitness. It must be recognized that this vibrating platform has several advantages. Multifunctional, intuitive, fast, it really stands out among its peers. Choosing a platform is […]

  • our opinion on the sports smart health connected watch

    [wpsm_ads1] The Fitbit Versa is the latest addition to the American brand's range of activity trackers. After a disappointing Blaze and a promising Ionic, this new attempt is crucial in Fitbit's strategy. Does the Versa live up to expectations? Can it win in the smart health connected watch market? Check out my opinion in this […]

  • Nabu X – The new smart health connected bracelet from Razer

    Razer has just presented its Nabu X smart health bracelet. This low-cost Android fitness bracelet will be sold for just $ 100. Razer's Nabu X smart health bracelet therefore follows on from the Nabu launched last year and will be simpler and less expensive. Only three LED indicators will appear on the surface of the […]

  • Sporty and sporty! How about smart health connected leggings?

    [wpsm_ads1] Wearables change our way of thinking and change our behavior. They facilitate our tasks, our activities, in short, our relationships to all things. This new generation of smart health connected leggings takes full account of these new possibilities, by giving indications on your muscular fatigue for example. smart health connected leggings created by English […]

  • Smartshoe, the smart shoe!

    [wpsm_ads1] Smart shoes, that's what Digitsole is offering at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Named Smartshoe, this model of smart smart health connected shoes, included in our top of the smart health connected shoes revealed at CES, count the number of steps, the distance traveled and the calories burned. Smartshoe, the sports shoes of the […]

  • InsideCoach, the smart health connected ball that wants to come into play

    [wpsm_ads1] Being coached by your balloon will soon be possible. The American company InsideCoah is about to see its idea of ​​a smart health connected balloon lead to Kickstarter. Softly but surely, football connects. This season, Ligue 1 has adopted the Goal Line technology : a system which makes it possible to check whether the […]

  • Sensoria Smart Sock smart health connected socks

    Sensoria Smart Sock smart health connected socks

    [wpsm_ads1] In the smart health connected era the trend in vogue: the quantified self. Here is a new gadget that will allow you to measure your personal data in order to take care of yourself: smart health connected socks. Point on socks which you will not separate! Smart smart health connected socks Sensoria smart sock […]

  • Takuma e-foil, flying electric surf

    Takuma e-foil, flying electric surf

    [wpsm_ads1] Takuma offers seasoned and novice surfers the opportunity to surf over water with their e-foil. It has never been easier to take Kelly Slater. The Lille manufacturer Takuma sells his e-foil. It can be described as a flying electric surfboard. It hovers, about 50 cm from the water, to be more precise. This, thanks […]

  • the smartest bike in the world

    [wpsm_ads1] Raising enthusiasm with more than 2,100 donors on Indiegogo, the SpeedForce bike, considered to be the most intelligent bike in the world, will land in March 2020! After the sensation Valor SpeedForce is an integrated bike a computer thus combining cycling and intelligence. The bike is fully worked and electric, it consists of a […]

  • Geotag thieves on your bike with smart health connected Cycle

    [wpsm_ads1] Discovered by our correspondent at CES 2020, the smart health connected Cycle bicycle pedal is a smart health connected lock of French origin, with activity tracker. Are you getting too close to your bike or someone taking it against your will? Find out what the smart health connected Cycle pedal does. smart health connected […]

  • watch out for electric shock!

    watch out for electric shock!

    [wpsm_ads1] Here is a bracelet that closely follows your goals and your activity. Attention if you do not respect your fitness program, an electric shock (mild) is administered to you by PAVLOK. A smart health bracelet Maneesh Seti, alumnus at Stanford is at the initiative of the PAVLOK smart health connected bracelet. The latter took […]

  • Lock – A device to stop riding drunk on a bike

    Alcoho-Lock is a smart health smart health connected object that comes straight from Japan. Its objective is simple and noble: to make sure that you no longer ride a bicycle if you have drunk too much. Alcoho-Lock is actually a big smart health connected padlock for bikes. You would be surprised by the damage and […]

  • Huawei Fit, a watch-like fitness bracelet

    [wpsm_ads1] Those who are looking for a smart health connected bracelet or watch to monitoring their physical activities are spoiled for choice in a market where several manufacturers offer products at all prices and for all tastes. If it is Fitbit that has the largest market share, the other manufacturers hope to overshadow it with […]

  • Beeline, the GPS that lets you choose your bike route

    [wpsm_ads1] You're on a bike, lost. Difficult to take out your phone while pedaling. You will probably have to dismount, being wary of other vehicles, take out your phone and look where you are. As long as you don't know the area at all, you may even have to do it several times! As the […]

  • Sygnal unveils a t-shirt for athletes

    Sygnal is a smart fitness t-shirt designed to help runners find their way health home. It is the ideal product for all those who do not know where to go and who do not want to have their noses glued to the screen of their smartphone while they run. Sygnal was imagined by Broadcast Wearables, […]