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  • Echo Spot – Amazon's smart alarm clock

    Amazon unleashed a torrent of new smart health connected and smart devices yesterday. One of the new devices presented is the Echo Spot. Echo Spot is a bit of an Echo Dot and an Echo Show. To put it simply, Echo Spot is a smart alarm clock incorporating Alexa. Equipped with an enclosure, this small […]

  • Amazon Echo could solve some murders

    Today's news will no doubt surprise you, but it is completely true: an Amazon Echo could solve some of the murders. An Amazon Echo used to assist in criminal cases, information comes from the police in Bentonville, Arkansas. The latter has sent a requisition to Amazon for the company to hand over data from an […]

  • List of the 30 best must-haves

    [wpsm_ads1] Fire TV Stick and Fire TV: The streaming alternative to television programs The Amazon streaming solutions Fire TV Stick and Fire TV free the user from expensive cable contracts or boring offers from the public service broadcasters. The latest generation of devices has already integrated voice assistant Alexa, which can be used, for example, […]

  • The smart pot to grow your herbs

    Lilo is a smart pot for growing your herbs. It was imagined by a young company that I adore: the company Prêt à Pousser. Lilo is ideal for all those who, like me, have neither the green thumb nor the time to grow aromatic plants. After having proposed boxs of champions, the company therefore tackles […]

  • LingLong DingDong A3 – The Chinese rival of the Amazon Echo

    The LingLong DingDong A3, or Buzz A3, smart speaker from iFlytek is the Chinese version of the now famous Amazon Echo. But you will see that this competitor does not necessarily displease Amazon; who even sees it as an opportunity. The LingLong DingDong A3 is sold at a price of 698 yuan, a little less […]

  • Summary of the week: more CES news, Google health home in the car, Philips Hue square switch, a robot that opens the curtains, etc.

    [wpsm_ads1] A new week is coming to an end, the opportunity to take stock of the latest news around the health home, health home automation, and smart health connected objects. A lot of news continues to revolve around the CES in Las Vegas, which has been over for a few days. But the number of […]

  • YONO monitors the cycle using basal body temperature

    [wpsm_ads1] Measure basal body temperature during sleep and evaluate it by app Basal body temperature is the minimum temperature that occurs in the body during sleep. She can relatively reliably reproduce the course of the female menstrual cycle and thus help women who want to have children determine their ovulation time as the best recipient […]

  • The original Hue Bridge will no longer work 100%

    The original Philips Hue Bridge is a hub used to help Philips Hue bulbs work with smartphones and assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. However, from next month, it will lose support for all services smart health connected to the Internet; which will seriously limit its functionality. To take full advantage of your bulbs you […]

  • Eyecloud Cam won't waste time recording feline intruders

    A California start-up has launched a wired, wireless, smart health home security camera called Eyecloud Cam. Eyecloud Cam was designed to eliminate false alarms caused by non-human intruders. To do this, the camera uses PIR and night vision sensors. It is equipped with 6000 mAh allowing it to operate for 6 months on a single […]

  • Linky: the results of a new study on health risks

    Linky: the results of a new study on health risks

    Shift the June 14, 2019 at 10 h 18 min The Linky smart meter is sometimes accused of being dangerous to health. However, a new study by the firm Exem, commissioned by Joseph Carles, mayor of Blagnac near Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), has once again concluded that the radiation emitted near the meter is several orders of […]

  • Smarthome Apple – Discover it from the inside!

    Today, I invite you to discover an Apple smarthome from the inside. As the race between Apple, Amazon and Google begins, I thought it would be interesting to see what all of this actually looked like. First difference, in the Apple smarthome, no device is manufactured by the apple brand; except for Apple TV which […]

  • The 12 Yuan Points – Classic Chinese Medicine & Optimal Acupuncture – smart health with Traditional Chinese Medicine

    The Five Zang corresponds to the six Fu, there are twelve Yuan points associated with the five Zang. The 12 Yuan points are located on the four limbs (below the knee and elbow joints), they can be used to treat 5 Zang disease. These twelve Yuan points (which represent the 5 Zang) provide the Qi […]

  • help stay longer at health home and in good health

    [wpsm_ads1] The company Domalys, SME Poitevin, is specialized in the development of nursing homes but also extends its expertise in private homes. She designed for this market a smart health connected lamp: Aladin. This object obviously helps to illuminate the steps of residents after dark. It also helps to help by monitoring the health home […]

  • Digital Voice Assistants – the voice of your life

    Digital Voice Assistants – the voice of your life

    [wpsm_ads1] The desire of the user and humans, however, is different. Many smart home fans have only begun to marshal their lives and homes through the use of the language assistant, which was the primary desire of the user, voice-over-the-machine communication rather than the use of smart home technology. This goes so far that the […]

  • IKEA to accelerate launch of low-cost smart health connected devices

    IKEA has just announced a boost to its smart health connected devices – products that are enjoying growing success like Trådfri bulbs and Symfonisk speakers at a lower price than the competition. health home Smart, its smart health connected health home division, now has a dedicated unit within the group – and IKEA announces "Significant […]

  • The Felix Smart Aquarium uses a 360-degree underwater webcam

    The Felix smart aquarium is trying to do better than all smart health connected and smart aquariums currently available on the market. Thus, the Felix aquarium offers buyers to add a 360-degree underwater webcam that allows them to view their fish via an application. In addition to this, heaters, lights, pumps, temperature sensors, pH meters […]

  • The electronic alternative to smoking & CBD

    The electronic alternative to smoking & CBD

    [wpsm_ads1] How does an e-cigarette work? E-cigarettes, or vaporizers, have been on the market for a few years now. Although the idea is almost 60 years old, the first electronic cigarettes only came into mass production at the beginning of the 21st century. Since then, however, the market share has been increasing steadily. There are […]

  • Ikea smart blinds will soon arrive in stores

    Low-cost Ikea smart blinds will soon be available in stores. Their name: Fyrtur. They will be available in all Ikea stores very soon. They will then join the brand's other health home automation products on the shelves. The Fyrtur smart blind is made of a "blackout" fabric, an opaque finish that will completely stop the […]

  • Mint Energie and Comwatt launch an ultra green electricity offer

    Mint Energie and Comwatt launch an ultra green electricity offer

                ” This “smart & green” offer will make it possible to buy renewable “4 star” electricity at the price of conventional, classified & star electricity. “Grégory Lamotte, founder of the French leader in self-consumption boxes, is all the more pleased with this launch because he has made the herald […]