Bruno Maquart appointed president of the National Institute of Health Data (INDS)


"The General Assembly of the INDS of September 24 elected Bruno Maquart President of the INDS", can be read on the GIP website. He replaced Dominique Polton, who had chaired the INDS since January 2017.

As a reminder, the Health Data Hub must replace the INDS and the signing of the agreement that will establish its legal constitution should take place "next November 6th".

By an order of May 24, 2019, Bruno Maquart had already been designated qualified personality at the general meeting of GIP INDS. Agricultural engineer, former student of ENA ("Gambetta" promotion, 1991), Bruno Maquart joined the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) when he left the ENA.

Credit: Pamputt / Wikimedia Commons

Appointed in charge of the mission of the director of hospitals (now DGOS) in 1995, he served in ministerial cabinet under cohabitation as technical advisor, then assistant director of the Minister of Employment and Solidarity, then Martine Aubry (1997-2001).

After that, Bruno Maquart joined the cultural sector for the first time, as director of the Georges Pompidou center in Paris (2001-2007) and then managing director of the France-Museums agency (2007-2010).

At the end of 2012, he returned to cabinet and worked with Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine as Deputy Director before being promoted to Director of his Cabinet in November 2013.

In June 2015, he became president of Universcience, a public establishment that brings together the Palais com la Découverte and the Cité des Sciences and Industry in Paris.

In addition, the INDS general assembly also elected Gérard Raymond as vice-president, replacing Danièle Desclerc Dulac. Gérard Raymond is the president of France Assos Santé since September, he was president of the French Federation of diabetics from 2015 to 2019, recalls one.


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