Do you also notice? You never get off a plane more handsome than when you got in. Which is actually quite logical, because your skin dries out enormously during a flight. The result is dry skin, extra visible wrinkles and fine lines. Well…. But now I have discovered a fantastic product to protect your precious skin during a plane trip. Read on quick!

Because I regularly fly from the south of France to the Netherlands, I want to protect my skin extra. I went in search of the ‘holy grale’ to optimally arm my skin during a ride in the air. I had already tried everything, but found nothing really blissful. Until my eye fell on a sample that I had received a very long time ago from the lovely ladies of Pourvous Winnubst on the Van Hoytemaplein in The Hague (really go once if you are in the area. It is super cozy there and they have a very nice assortment). It was an oil from Sisley called “Black rose precious face oil”.

Of course I first subjected the oil to an ingredient test, because I only use products that really do something for you. Only active ingredients make it to my face, the rest absolutely not. This turned out to be a must, because I only saw good ingredients such as black rose extract (softens the skin), Bulgarian rose (strengthens), plum oil (strengthens the skin barrier) and squalane (nourishes and moisturizes).

And then, the airplane test. First I applied some vitamin C drops, because they protect your collagen against the radiation on board (also against other radiation, such as from the sun and your mobile phone).

Then it was Sisley’s turn. I used a generous portion, normally you will need less (3 to 7 drops are enough). The oil was easy to apply and didn’t soak into my skin right away. No, the entire flight (I checked every 15 minutes of course) my skin remained nicely nourished and nice to the touch. Only on landing (about 1.5 hours later) did the oil dry up a bit. And my skin, once on the floor, still felt very soft. I also saw fewer dry lines than usual. So top gear for on the go in the air.

Minor detail. As with more good stuff: it’s not exactly cheap (starting at 153.01 euros). But the Black Rose oil does something for you, which is also not unimportant!

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