Amazfit Verge price review Review watch Huami Xiaomi with Alexa

Amazfit Verge prix Review review shows Huami Xiaomi with Alexa, activity tracking, calling, listening to music, accessing the Mi health home app… by Rodolphe Degandt

Date of last modification: Apr 24, 2019

Amazfit Verge price review Review watch Huami Xiaomi with Alexa

The watch of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, the Amazfit Verge becomes much more smart health connected thanks to theintegration of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It has everything except the price. The idea of ​​Xiaomi is to offer to transfer the functionality of your smartphone to your wrist.

To settle a key point right away, its name “Amazfit Verge” has nothing to do with smart health connected sex toys. It is a combination of Amazon Alexa (Amaz) + form (fit – fitness) + at the limit (rod). Rather not bad in English, I admit less in the French touch style.

Design Amazfit Verge by Huami Xiaomi

Certainly, it does not have the design and prestige of a Montblanc Summit 2 or a Michael Kors Runway. But, if you are looking for a smart health connected watch, compact, robust, rich in features and very affordable, the Verge of Xiaomi will not disappoint you.

  • The case is 43 mm in diameter and 13 mm thick.
  • 33mm OLED touchscreen with 360 x 360 pixel resolution
  • Plastic, it is slight uper with its 46 g
  • IP68 certified, waterproof against splashing water (support a shower, perspiration and rain) and dust.

Xiaomi shows AMAZFIT Verge colors

Without being flashy, it still has a real style, even if the materials used are basic. It is available in 3 colors:

The case is made of reinforced plastic, so nothing to do with the follies of the Tag Heuer model. However, the plastic is of good quality and resists knocks and rubbing well.

The original silicone bracelets are interchangeable thanks to a spring mechanism, quick and easy to change. they attach perfectly to your watch, without the risk of coming off. You will appreciate its fit and compact size which allows it to stay in place all day on your wrist. A good point for practicing sports.

You can customize the background of the dial with the 14 choices available. But, you can also create your own from a photo.

The back is equipped with pins to recharge it on its small base and a heart rate sensor. The other sensors are inside:

  • Heart rate sensor
  • An accelerometer,
  • a gyroscope,
  • a magnetic compass,
  • a barometric altimeter.

amazfit verge test notice design


Many features at this price:

  • Display of notifications from your smartphone on the screen of your Amazfit Verge
    • E-mail,
    • SMS,
    • incoming calls,
    • applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat…)
  • Control of your objects smart health connected with the Mi health home app
  • Music player
  • Consultation of the weather
  • Personal assistant, appointment, alarm.
  • Adjusting the screen brightness
  • AliPay contactless payment only in China

amazfit-verge-prix test test dial screen

There is a speaker on the left and a power button and a microphone on the right. After reading this, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the Amazfit Verge can make and receive phone calls via the smart health connected smartphone.

  • Reception and telephone call

The special Alexa functions with the Amazfit Verge

So you can listen to your news flash, weather forecast, sports results, calendar reminders on your watch via the built-in speaker.

The list of actions linked to Alexa with the Amazfit Verge:

  • Flash Briefing – configure and add favorite topics to personalize your daily news and content.
  • Sports Update – create your favorite sports leagues (NBA / NFL) and ask your watch for the latest match results.
  • Calendar – Link to Google, Microsoft, Apple, Exchange calendars.
  • Alarm – set a reminder or wake-up alarm
  • Task list – manage your calendar and to-do list
  • Questions and Answers – get answers to common questions throughout the day (such as Google search)
  • Translation – get help in over 50 languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish or Japanese.

Autonomy from 10 h to 5 days

The standby time is 5 days. That is, you only use it to check the time. But with the GPS activated, the charge goes to 3 days. And, if you use it in sport mode with GPS recording and listening to music, it keeps the day.

amazfit rod charger

If there is one fault to remember, it is the charger. To put it simply, it is poorly designed with the cable running through the middle, so that it is laid flat.


The iOS and user-friendly smartwatch for Android, which runs on a custom operating system, joins a very small group of watches that offer official support for Alexa on the wrist. Samsung’s Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches use their own smart assistants of course, although you can use Alexa on an Apple Watch via a third-party app.

La Verge already includes its own integrated voice assistant, but the addition of Alexa will undoubtedly be music for the ears of those who already use the intelligent assistant.

Activity monitoring

Xiaomi offers specific monitoring for 12 sports activities. Each mode is adapted to its specific activity. For example, in football mode, there are options like the first half, the second half and so on. The same goes for each sport activity mode of the application.

amazfit rod tracking sport activity

The Amazfit Verge gives you a large number of data on all physical activities:

  • Duration of the activity
  • Distance traveled
  • Pace: instant, average (possibility of setting an alert according to a fixed objective)
  • Heart rate, you can set an alert for a level not to be exceeded.
  • Cadence
  • Calories burned
  • Altitude
  • Elevation: d +, d –

In addition, for some you have additional information specific to the sport:

  1. Outdoor running,
  2. Outdoor walking,
  3. Outdoor cycling,
  4. Treadmill running,
  5. Indoor cycling,
  6. Elliptical,
  7. Hiking,
  8. Trail Run,
  9. Ski,
    • Speed: instant, average and maximum
    • Number of descents
    • Slope
  10. Tennis,
  11. Soccer
  12. Jump rope
    • Instantaneous and average frequency

You can thus schedule sessions for these 12 sports, starting from a few objectives and alerts.

Route tracking is possible. But it requires finding the GPX file of your route and transferring it to the memory of your watch, by USB cable, in the ‘gpxdata’ folder.

Sleep tracking

As the Amazfit is both small and light, it can be forgotten and sleep with it is not a problem. Thus, you will benefit from monitoring the quality of your sleep:

  • deep sleep
  • or light sleep

Price and availability Amazfit Verge

The three versions are offered at the official price of 149 €, but you will find it from 120 € :

[amazon_link asins=’B07L5FNW77,B07NWXDTR4,B07KR9KKCR’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’Stylistme17-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’a5622a7c-ac36-40c0-9ba9-1ce4a25af96f’]

Amazfit Verge Reviews

You already have products from Xiaomi, so you know the excellent quality / price ratio of their production. The Amazfit Verge is not trying to impress you with its style, but it has all the functionalities of the latest generation smart health connected watches for a very reasonable price.I appreciate its small size and its lightness. Admittedly, it does not take advantage of the catalog of third-party applications of watches under Wear Os, but it already has a very nice collection of functions (the Montblanc at € 900 has no built-in speaker).


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