Alexa Skill bioweather warns of pollen, particulate matter and UV rays


Alexa Skill Bioweather: Well prepared for the day

Weather skills for Amazon's voice assistant Alexa are popular. After all, it's always good to know if it will rain or not. The insurance company AXA goes a step further with the bio-weather skill. The skill has the claim to be a holistic everyday companion. In addition to the bioweather, users are informed about the current particulate matter pollution, UV exposure and pollen count. Factors that have a major impact on our well-being and performance. Climate-related headaches, sleep disturbances, restlessness, joint pain and difficulty concentrating are common symptoms that can be triggered by environmental conditions. The Alexa Skill bioweather helps people with allergies and those who are sensitive to environmental factors to cope with everyday life through better planning in advance.

How does the bioweather skill work?

The bioweather skill is activated via the Alexa app. Simply navigate to the skill and press the activate button. Then the following voice commands are available for the Amazon Echo or another Alexa compatible speaker:

  • "Alexa, start bioweather"
  • "Alexa, open bioweather"

After the command, Alexa provides information on the parameters air quality, particulate matter pollution, UV exposure, pollen count and approaching storms at the stored location. Before 20 o'clock the announcement of Alexa is based on the current day, after 20 o'clock there is a prediction for the next day.

According to AXA, the functions of the Alexa Skill will be further expanded in the future. When it comes to AXA, the Alexa Skill bio-weather should establish itself as a feel-good skill: "We want to be there for our customers in everyday life and give them a sense of security. For this we can use Alexa with the Skill bio-weather ideal. Because that is relevant every day – not just when buying insurance, "said the AXA CEO Alexander Vollert.

Conclusion: Who is worth the Alexa Skill bio-weather?

Axa's Amazon Alexa Skill bio weather warns of pollen, particulate matter and UV radiation

Axa's Amazon Alexa Skill bio weather warns of pollen, particulate matter and UV radiation


The bioweather Alexa Skill from AXA is a great addition especially for allergy sufferers. By the information about the pollen flight they can take their prophylactic medications in time. Even the inhabitants of big cities are well served with the bio-weather skill. At high particulate matter pollution, the windows can remain closed or air purifiers can be used. Even the weather warning pays off in an emergency: garden furniture can be secured and vehicles and windows are protected from hail damage.

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