SeqOne create platform for AI genomic testing

SeqOne is developing a platform for interpreting DNA sequencing. AI genomic testing,An innovative smart health solution, tested in a dozen teaching hospitals, to improve diagnostic yields, to prescribe adapted treatments to patients, to reduce costs and analysis time. The fundraising will allow the start-up to accelerate the development of the tool.

It is to “accelerate” the development of its platform for analysis and interpretation of genome sequencing data and its promotion to hospitals and laboratories of medical biology SeqOne will devote the 3 million euros raised from the venture capitalist.

The Montpellier start-up in France, a specialist in bioinformatics hosted by Cyborg, the incubator of the IRMB and the University Hospital of Montpellier, is working on the creation of a web platform for the analysis of genomic sequencing data. …

Ph.D. in bioinformatics, laureate of the ARC Foundation’s Hélène Starck prize and the i-Lab competition (in 2015 and 2017), Nicolas Philippe founded SeqOne with Guillaume Buwalda, expert in high-speed computer systems.

Their idea: marry genomics and artificial intelligence. physicians and clinicians can Only use a fraction of the mass of sequencing data contains relevant information .

Designated by sequencing experts, the SeqOne digital platform promises to reduce analysis time and cost by managing the entire process, from raw NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data to the report. The SaaS solution is marketed according to an economic model combining licenses and fee-for-service payments. SeqOne indicates that its solution is used today in five university hospitals and three private laboratories for genetic analysis, and in evaluation in a dozen other French hospitals.

AI genomic testing Seqone smart health shoe 智慧医疗智慧健康设备 智能健康鞋AI genomic testing and Big Data

This tool, devised by the doctor in bioinformatics Nicolas Philippe, is based on the development of a software combining a set of innovative technologies (artificial intelligence, big data) to interpret DNA sequencing.

In the end, this tool can improve the diagnostic yields and prescribe to patients with cancer or a rare disease, appropriate treatments, while reducing costs and analysis time: “This high sequencing solution flow should facilitate interpretation for genomic medicine that leverages information about the patient’s DNA, “says the doctor.

Democratize genetic testing

“Our SeqOne platform provides healthcare professionals with a complete digital solution for analyzing and interpreting genomic data that is simple, cost-effective and accessible in the cloud. SeqOne also aims to reduce the cost of sequencing to democratize the practice of performing genetic tests, “says Nicolas Philippe.

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