ABUS 770A SmartX, a smart anti-theft system for your bike


Best known for its health home security systems, the German manufacturer ABUS has released the 770A SmartX, a smart bike lock.

In fact, it is not the first bike lock. But the device is distinguished by a 13mm thick shackle in reinforced steel. For even more strength, the other parts of the padlock are also made of this material.

anti-theft bike ABUS 770A SmartX with mobile application

ABUS 770A SmartX knows when you're there or not

To use the ABUS 770A SmartX, you have to download its mobile app (iOS or Android). This allows to associate the lock to his smartphone. In this way, it acts as a key to unlock the padlock.

In addition, the device uses the Bluetooth connection as a proximity sensor. Thus, if you move away from your bike, the 770A locks automatically. Conversely, it defuses its mechanism as soon as you get closer.

If someone tries to remove the lock, a 3D position sensor triggers an alarm. The power of the latter is proportional to the force exerted on the SmartX. For example, a small vibration will only produce a faint beep.

On the other hand, the device can produce a sound exceeding 100 decibels if the perpetrators strive. Each time you attempt to steal, you will receive a notification on your mobile device.

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You can lend your bike to a friend

As on a lock smart health connected to the house, it is possible to give a temporary access to his bike to another person. For that, it is enough to grant him permission via the mobile application.

If you lose your bike, the ABUS 770A SmartX automatically saves the coordinates of the last place where it was locked by its Built-in GPS. So you can easily find your property or ask a loved one to look for you.

In any case, the ABUS 770A SmartX is already available from the dealers of the brand to 199.95 euros (shackle 230 mm long) and € 219.95 (300 mm). You can also buy one from a few specialized online shops.

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