a toothbrush with artificial intelligence


The oral health specialist, Oral-B took advantage of Mobile World Congress 2019 to present Genius X, an electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is particularly fashionable in recent months. Many projects have emerged, some very interesting, others of very limited interest. Oral-B, a global leader in oral health and offering a wide range of electric toothbrushes, has introduced a new model with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Simple marketing fashion effect or real innovation? Discover this product unusual.

Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush artificial intelligence

Genius X: an electric toothbrush with an AI

At first glance, thinking about artificial intelligence in a toothbrush can make you smile. Yet the project launched by Oral-B is very serious. The specialist in toothbrushes and dental hygiene products attached the services of different researchers and dentists for his model Genius X. An artificial intelligence has been developed. She made her apprenticeship by analyzing thousands of brushing techniques and thus knowing the ideal brushing.

The Genius-X will analyze your brushing through the position of your toothbrush and give you a report after it through an application. Artificial intelligence will therefore work as a personalized coach who will tell you if there is too much or too little pressure on this or that area, if areas have been forgotten and the quality of the brushing. A final score will be awarded to each brushing that you can improve and which teeth deserve special attention. The Oral-B Genius X toothbrush will be marketed in September 2019. The price has not been indicated yet.

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Source: Manufacturer's website – Credit: https://www.oralb.com/com-com/produits-dentaires/genius-x


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