A tattoo to control your exposure to the sun – e-Health Objects


The company Logiclnk has developed a non-permanent tattoo for the least original. Its ambition is nothing less than to prevent you from getting sunburn and do not control your exposure to sunlight.

A real public health problem. Logiclnl UV is therefore a tattoo to apply on the skin of the most beautiful effect. It consists of two rings or two horizontal bands that will be indicators of the different parameters of your exposure to the sun.

The inner circle shows your exposure in real time to UV rays and its color will change depending on the intensity. The outer circle shows him cumulative UV exposure. Also its color will evolve indicating the recommended limit per day depending on your skin type.

A smart device that does not need a smartphone or computer to use. The reading is immediate. Logiclnk however has a mobile application that will allow you to access more comprehensive statistics.

This tattoo against sunburn should be marketed very soon.

Link: LogicInk


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