a complete connected scale at mini-price


Minimi is the name of the new connected scale of the French brand Noerden. Offered at a low price, it can analyze up to 9 different body data.

A connected scale compact, design and low price, this is the challenge of Noerden with Minimi. After its watches and smart bottles, the young Parisian company based in Shanghai returns to the front of the stage with its impedance meter.

Ultrasound body analysis

Thanks to its 4 precision sensors,analyze 9 different criteria of your body: weight, fat mass, muscle mass, body mass, visceral mass, bone mass, BMI, BM and metabolic age.

In just a few seconds, Minimi calculates its results, which can then be recorded. Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to synchronize the iOS 10.0 and Android 4.3 application to Minimi. It is thus possible to have a follow-up of his bodily data and to know the impact of his physical activity or diet.

Strong point: the number of users that can be saved on Minimi is unlimited, unlike many other market impedancemeters. However, this tracking can not be done via Wi-Fi as the connected scales of the Withings brand offer.

Minimi: an attractive design

With 26 centimeters in length and 27 mm in thickness for a weight of 1.2 kg, Noerden saw things in small for Minimi. Despite its size, the scale still has a pleasant design with its tempered glass and LED screen.

Available in black or white, the high-tech scale of the French manufacturer also has a mini-price: only 49 euros for the connected scale and even 39 euros right now on the Noerden site. AT such a tariff, Minimi will certainly position itself as a heavyweight market.


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