5 reasons why you need outdoor security lights around your house


5 reasons why you need outdoor security lights around your house

Security lighting is a necessity for every home! We have all seen outdoor lighting in the streets of our hometowns, around restaurants, social gathering places and in our neighborhoods. But aside from the simple fact that it helps you see what's around you when the day is turning into a night, why do we need security lighting?

Security lighting is a versatile purchase that is advantageous in many ways. Here are the main reasons why you need to have security lights around your house.

Ensure security and awareness

One of the most obvious reasons to have safety lights is personal safety, but do not ignore it. For the first time in US history, the third leading cause of death is accidental injury! It's a scary statistic for situations that can be avoided if awareness is brought to light – literally!

Lighting aisles, backyards, trails, steps, porches and the rest of your home will help eliminate the possibility of injury to you and your loved ones, especially during the holidays, when accident conditions are over. risk due to ice and snow.

Another reason why security lighting is so beneficial is that it can enhance your outdoor entertainment. In the absence of a well-lit place to meet, parties with friends and family should end early when you miss natural daylight. Placing a security light around the house can double as accent lighting, so that the setting is only magnified when the night sets in with a glow that stimulates the mood! Outdoor lighting with warmer, more ambient tones invites guests and guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the evening.

Lighting for functionality

Burglaries are a serious concern for homeowners because the FBI says they are the most common threat to homes. One of the biggest benefits of installing outdoor lighting is improving home security. By adding bright lights around the outside of your home, you can ensure that the shadows and dark corners that hide thieves easily are brought to light in the last hours of the night. It is therefore difficult to break into your home because burglars are easily noticed by neighbors, pedestrians, cameras or even you.

Thieves are known to do homework before attempting a break-in, so the ideal is to install timers for your lighting or to have security lights with custom timers for ignition and extinguishing. You can change the programmed lighting routine and make it more difficult for a stranger to know when you are usually away.

Motion detector lighting is the best of both worlds, as it surprises intruders and instantly raises awareness. GE Enbrighten Motion LED LED Safety Lamps have different settings for how long you want the light to stay on after motion has been detected and how far the detection range should be – up to 70 feet. 20 minutes away. This gives appropriate options for each living space as some areas are occupied and more populated than isolated areas where activity outside the home occurs more rarely.

A funny fact? If you call and ask, many police services will conduct a free security check of your home and will inform you of areas of weakness that can be improved for home security!

Increase the value of the property

By installing outdoor security lighting, you invest in the overall value of your home. Outdoor lighting is a prominent feature that will surely add to the value of your home and offer a higher valuation if it ever has to be sold.

In addition to the value of your home, adding outdoor security lighting can reduce insurance premiums in your home. Because they reduce the risk of break-ins, many insurance companies offer rebates and premium deductions for homeowners who have security lighting outside the home. In the end, you can invest to save!

Long life and energy saving

By choosing an LED option for safety lighting, the worry of a high energy bill can be dispelled. LED lights have a much lower voltage than other types of bulbs and emit virtually no heat. This results in energy savings 24 hours a day. By eliminating heat in the bulb, you also reduce the risk of major fires!

Having outdoor LED safety lights can pay off in the long run because of their long life. You will not have to worry about replacing bulbs that burn often.

While they help you see at night, security lights are more useful and functional in many other ways. Adding the installation of security lights to your home can have a positive impact on your life in many areas immediately and in the future.


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